I'm going to be very critical of GM here. I know that building up the community that has a big commitment to the automaker is key (just look at Toyota's recent ad campaigns), and like when Buick pulled out of Flint, these investments can make or break a city. So as I sit here waiting to get in a Solstice, Sky, Z06, any rear-wheel drive car built off the new Zeta platform, I get pictures of a pretty fountain.

OK, cynical hat off. GM is working to revitalize not only the Detroit waterfront with a new plaza and promenade outside their Renaissance Center, but adding 300 jobs in the town that was decimated when the Buick plant shut down many years ago, Flint. GM announced last week that they will be adding a high-feature V-6 engine plant (GM lingo for the VVT-type engines like the 3.6 in the CTS/LaCrosse) assembly line in Flint as well as refurbishing the full-size truck plant for the new platform in ?06. I know how much investments by big companies can mean to the local economy, and I?m not picking on that. I?m more-so frustrated that GM shows a car two years ahead of when it will be available and I?m tired of waiting for ?next year?.

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