Here's the debate. How many miles before you change your oil? In this article about the eight auto maintenance myths, one myth is that changing your oil every 3000 miles is not necessary. And so is synthetic oil unless called for by the manufacturer. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but my father has stuck to the "3000 mile" rule and has never had a problem with any of his engines. And I know that it is faulty cause-and-effect logic – he over-maintains all his vehicles – but if it has caused no problems, then what the heck. My Z28 always gets Mobil 1 every 3000-4000 miles. 97,000 miles later, no problems.

The other tips are pretty true, and tend to be ploys for garages to get money from the uninformed. Most chassis are ?lubeless?, tune-ups happen every 100,000 miles (I still did mine at 75,000 ? broke the rules again). I don?t agree with ?blowing clean? an air filter. That?s one area I don?t want sand/dirt getting in. Not changing oil filters at every oil change? That?s crazy-talk. I don?t believe in ?power-flushing? engines or transmissions. Fuel injector cleaning by pouring a bottle of STP in the tank? I do it, but not sure if it?s really worth it.

Then there?s the opposite end of the spectrum, those that do nothing to their cars and seem proud of it. ?I got 60,000 miles and never changed the oil.? What do you want, a medal? Should I be impressed? I?m curious what intervals you guys change your oil and if you use synthetic or not?

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