Peter M. DeLorenzo over at Autoextremist delivers a pointed commentary on the J Mays move earlier this week to London and "promotion" to chief creative officer. I didn't take the time to think of the move as a demotion but DeLorenzo spells it out for us. He also accurately breaks down the successes and missteps of Mays since he took over the VP of Design role. I still think the verdict is out until we see the Fusion in person and what else is down the pike. Really what else does Ford have left to release? They need a Focus replacement in the U.S., Mustang (check), Five Hundred/Freestyle (check), new F-150 (check) new Explorer and new Escape. Then you're done for the next ten years. Ford will make their sales on the trucks and the Fusion/Five Hundred in fleet sales. The question is what's left for new product? Will they do a version of a smaller crossover like the Mazda MX to give Focus owners an alternative? I think a totally new vehicle for entry level buyers or a little higher would be a good idea. Hit the youth/tuner market with something more exciting than the Focus. Anyone else have thoughts?

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