This round wasn't easy. Even though there has been much debate over the 300C it was the only one in the bunch that was an no-brainer. No matter what you think of it, the 300C is an excellent performer. It actually has very good visibility, those that say it doesn't simply haven't driven it, an upscale feel to the interior and it hauls ass. If you guys remember from my original test I took it pretty high on the speedo and it felt solid underneath the whole way. Nuff said.

I easily excluded the SRX due to the fact that I don?t think it does its job better than a slew of other vehicles out there. It?s also way too big for having so little interior cargo room. And although I really liked the Corolla XRS, and would actually recommend it over many vehicles, it too isn?t enough to make it to the final round.

<a class=Volvo S40" hspace="4" src="" width="300" align="right" vspace="4" border="1" />So everyone welcome the Volvo S40 and Scion xB into the race for the final champion. The xB didn?t have much power but was fun to drive and handled extremely well. Despite the boxy shape the wind didn?t push it around that much and I thought the interior was sharp and very utilitarian. The Volvo is just a very subtle entry-level luxury sedan that has amazing seats, sculpted dash and good looks to match. I wish I had tested the T5 version as some readers mentioned because the regular model is a tad underpowered but not by much.

Look for Round 3 Monday. If you?ve already forgotten the winners of Round 1 go here.

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