STi 203

I'm not a fan of the Subaru WRX STi. Everyone now collectively put your jaws back in place. I know I just committed some mortal automotive journalist sin for just not feeling the rally car love but hey that's just me. I do realize the car is an impressive machine and has lots of people who can not get enough of it. Therefore I noticed this article on AutoExpress about an even better STi a few days ago but realized it ain't coming here. After a reader tipped us to a Japanese site with the picture shown here I decided to post the info. AutoExpress tells us, in English luckily, that this baby has an even larger turbo than your everyday STi, new rear wing, titanium exhaust and more goodies that when assembled in 203 garb produce a surprising 320 horsepower to all four wheels. Only 555 of these bad boys go on sale next week, in Japan. Don't delude yourselves, you're never going to get your hands on one.  Now don't you wish I hadn't told you?

Thanks to Matt S for the tip

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