Everyone likes to put down the French, it's almost an American tradition. But the one thing that's indisputable is they know art. They also know how to go over the top and by creating the world's tallest bridge they've topped an entire region of their country with the gorgeous concrete and steel structure. How high is it you ask? 1,122 feet at its tallest peak. That's 53 feet taller than the current French claim to fame the Eiffel Tower. All the pictures I've seen on television of this thing above the clouds is just breathtaking. Now if I can just convince Weblogs Inc. to send me on a trip to test out some new car on that thing…wait I'm sure some major magazine has already got the latest Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini etc. scheduled for a photo op. Seriously though this is now a reason I'd actually consider going to France.

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