Lexus will show off their LF-A "exotic sports car" concept on January 9th. As Toyota says "The LF-A was designed to explore the outer limits of sports car performance, while showcasing a bold new direction in styling for the Lexus brand." Any styling would be bold for Lexus.

Also on the plate is the 2005 GX 470. Differences include a more powerful V8 (235hp to 270hp), a new sport package that packages the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (or KDSS to you laymen… yeah) and special trim.

AND the RX 330 Thundercloud limited edition to celebrate the Native Americans. I kid. It is called the Thundercloud edition though… it's painted Thundercloud Metallic with different wheels, emblems and "Black Birds Eye Maple" wood trim. Here, I looked it up so you don't have to:

birds eye mapleLexus has no "preview" pics available.


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