I hate being the automotive media critic since so many folks like to point out our bad grammar and spelling mistakes. But when I'm wrong I admit it, apologize and fix the mistake. Hopefully Richard J. Newman will do the same after this U.S. News & World Report review of the Ford Freestyle. Where to begin. I'll just start in order. Richard says the two vehicles set to replace the Taurus are the Five Hundred (correct!) and Freestyle (bzzz wrong!). The correct answer is: the all-new Ford Fusion coming out sometime next year. The freestyle is mainly to compete in the non-minivan/non-SUV category currently held by the Chrysler Pacifica. Secondly Newman states "For its size—bigger than many cars, but smaller than most minivans or SUVs—the Freestyle makes excellent use of space." But the length of the Freestyle is 199.8 inches long, a hefty figure. The Subaru Outback is 188.7 inches long, Dodge Magnum 197.7 in., GMC Envoy 191.6 in. and so on. In fact after looking up about 10 of the most popular SUVs, including the Explorer, none were longer than the Freestyle. This comment stuck out to me because when I first drove the Freestyle I thought, "man this sucker is big." And that was after I had been in a new Land Rover LR3, 190.9 inches. Although the Freestyle is indeed about an inch shorter than most minivans. So Let's just say U.S. News & World Reports isn't where we're first going to turn for a schooling in things automotive.

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