Autoextremist and other sites are weighing in on the Dodge Charger to be released in 2005 as a bastardization of a once great name. The main arguments include four-versus two-door and the design. Well if it looks like the Magnum I think it will be just fine. And the two vs. four argument is so weak. I looked it up. The 1969 Charger had a length of 208 inches as a two-door. The Chrysler 300, which should be nearly identical in size to the new Charger, is 196.8 inches long. That's more than a foot shorter than the classic Charger everyone is so eager to defend. The wheelbase on the new Charger is 3 inches longer than the original but I don't think anyone will argue which will have a better turning radius. The biggest fault to all this talk of two doors is the fact that in 2005 people consider four-door cars performance vehicles. From the BMW M5 to Subaru WRX sedans are sporty. Of course Dodge would be brain dead not
to release a coupe of the Charger as well, but they need an Intrepid replacement and this fits the bill. On the good side, last night driving home a black Magnum drove by us and my fiancée said "Why wouldn't you get something like that over a Mustang?" you know because of the whole practicality thing. OK if I must I must.

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