Photo Credit: Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Company 

What you see here is the first look at the upcoming 2006 Neon replacement, codenamed PM49. It will be a hatchback that will carry styling cues from the 2003 Dodge Avenger Concept, and will be built on the upcoming Mitsubishi GS (Lancer) platform. These photos are purchased from Brenda Priddy/Chris Doane for the rights to use on Autoblog, please only link to Autoblog. Click the link for some more shots. You can also click the pics for bigger versions

Dodge?s 5-door hatchback will share its platform with several other vehicles from the Chrysler group. Two car-based SUVs based off this platform are expected to make it to production: one from Dodge and one from Jeep.

2006 Dodge Neon Replacement

Photo Credit: Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Company

Power will likely be from a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine expected to be built in Dundee, Michigan, and is part of a Hyundai-DaimlerChrysler-Mitsubishi 4-cylinder joint-venture.

The Neon replacement, as shown here, was first called the D80, but sources are now saying that other names are under serious consideration. It is due to be shown some time during the 2005 auto show circuit.

The next generation PT Cruiser will also be riding on this platform, as well as the next Mitsubishi Outlander (which is expected to offer a V6 option). Currently the Jeep version is expected to be called ?Scout?. All-wheel-drive will be offered as an option on all three of these vehicles.

The Neon replacement, as well as the Dodge and Jeep models, will be built in Belvidere, Illinois. There is speculation that assembly of the next generation PT Cruiser may also be in Belvidere.

Avenger concept

This is the Avenger concept. Copyright: Brenda Priddy & Company

DCX is feverishly working to slender the amount of platforms they use so other uses will be the next generation Dodge Stratus Sedan and Chrysler?s Sebring Sedan and Convertible, although the coupe versions of these cars will be discontinued. Both the Stratus and Sebring will likely arrive for the 2007 model year and will be built in Sterling Heights, Michigan.


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