Continuing with the Volkswagen theme, it appears as though the German automaker is seriously considering the construction of an assembly plant in the United States. The depreciation of the U.S. dollar, which has largely been to blame for VW's $1.34 billion losses in 2004, has led to the talk and apparent interest of Volkswagen to build a plant that could assemble both Audi and VW's, with a decision likely to be reached in the first half of 2005. VW expects that if the plant goes forward, the Audi Q7 SUV would be the logical candidate to build in the U.S., along with a Volkswagen SUV on the same platform (read Touareg). Of course, this would not be VW's first foray into the U.S., as the Rabbit and ill-fated mini-pickup was manufactured at a plant in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania from the mid-70's to the mid-80's.

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