The last few weeks, it has been nothing but doom and gloom for the Mitsubishi Motor Corp. There has been nary one good report on the ailing brand, as reports of scandal still swirl, and now reports are that the company's sales for November 2004 are nearly half of what they were at this time last year. And, it is not just a late year slump by the Japanese automaker, as their sales are down some 37% on the year, and are Japan's only unprofitable automaker. To make matters worse, last week, Ian Beavis (heh, heh, he said Beavis), Mitsu's top marketing executive resigned, with one exectutive close to the situation saying,

"The situation at Mitsubishi is deteriorating so fast that Beavis couldn't see the point of staying on, and who could blame him."

And if all this isn't bad enough, a marketing executive who has worked with Mitsubishi threw more salt into Mitsu's wounds by having this to say,

"I can't find a single bright spot in terms of this company selling vehicles on anything but price and discount, and even that is getting difficult because of the lack of credibility surrounding the brand."

In all this, the only bit of good news seems to be speculation that  Nissan has expressed interest in forming an alliance with Mitsubishi.

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