It's not often I journey into a toy shop. But about once a year it's time to get some things for the little ones in the extended family and I find myself amid racks of brightly colored boxes. Consider me surprised when I discovered a whole bunch of high quality scale model cars for the gearhead that I never knew existed. These aren't for the young but the young at heart. I was dismayed that there were lines for popular magazines like DUB and Import Racer. My favorite was a line called Road Rats (all of them were made by the same company called Jada Toys). While most of the import and tuner stuff looked cheap, these little 1:64 scale versions of custom classics appealed to me and had a lot more quality then the other lines. So I picked up this 1940 Ford in my favorite color, flat black, with red graphics and wheels. Very cool. These would definitely make great stocking stuffers for that guy or gal in your life that reads Autoblog as much as you do (or pass on the link to your loved ones as a subtle hint).
To show how out of the loop I really am there were also toys for popular shows like American Chopper and Monster Garage, although they didn't really appeal to me too much.

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