Beginning with a few design concepts, Kustom-Legend George Barris took his ideas for the integration of a Ford Mustang GT and Ranchero to the SEMA convention in 2001 where he began to search for a partner in crime. Impressed with the knowledge and experience of Nick Gavriles of Auto Innovations in Walled Lake, Michigan, Barris quickly handed over his artwork and engineering ideas so that Nick could bring the project to full conception. But skills weren't the only motivating factor for the choice…Barris knew that Nick worked closely with manufacturers and hoped that this one-off would coax Ford into a true production run. The team quickly sold off a handful of completed cars to Galpin Ford of North Hills, California and are currently preparing for the next build phase. Beginning with a new '05 Mustang, they intend to make a pitch to Ford in the next year with a production-ready prototype.

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