The Race of Champions, which pits the best road-racers against the best circuit-racers in the world to determine who is the fastest, was run this weekend in Paris. To the surprise of many, Heikki Kovalainen took the win, beating out the likes of F1 champion Michael Schumacher, WRC champion Sebastian Loeb, IRL champion Tony Kanaan, and ChampCar champion Sebastien Bourdais just to name a few. Schumacher or Loeb were expected to win, but you the young Finn Kovalainen defeated Schumacher by some 10-seconds, and then Loeb in the Grand Final by 0.8-seconds. Kovalainen, who is a member of Renault's development program, won the 2004 World Series by Nissan championship, and makes no secret of his interest to race in Formula One. Surely, beating Michael Schumacher head-to-head will do no harm to his dream.

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