Update: The Truth About Cars has responded to its own rant with another rant about the benefits of manual transmission. The inexpensive and timely publishing of the Internet at work.

Original Post: Talk to any enthusiast out there what transmission they'd prefer on a new car and they'll most likely opt for a manual. The more exacting command of the vehicle at your fingertips and feet is a more engaging experience for many. Obviously Bob Elton is not one of those people. His latest rant over at The Truth About Cars details the inherent danger behind driving a stick shift. Sure there's potential for more distractions but I think most manual drivers are also the ones who don't use cell phones, PDAs and DVD navigation as frequently as others when behind the wheel. Regardless Bob has a good point about how many of us don't get to drive state of the art automatic transmissions these days so we'd rather opt for the manual. I personally love the idea of new models with shift paddles and an automatic transmission. They'd keep my mind open.  

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