Jot this one in your PDA, Ford predicts that Lincoln-Mercury sales will increase 66% by 2008. To reach the 500,000 units-a-year sales goal, Ford is betting on 11 new products for the brands AND lower fleet sales. I say if the Town Car continues on the road to a FWD, the loss in fleet sales will take care of itself. Lincoln will get at least three new sedans, the Zephyr (concept is pictured) based off the Mazda6 platform and two built from the Volvo-based Five Hundred platform. The Aviator will become a crossover, not a truck like is today. Mercury will get the Milan (Mazda6) and a sister to the FreeStyle (sketch here). Ambitious results from what at early glance looks like a mediocre future of vehicles. Personally, I hope Lincoln can pull a Cadillac-like revival.

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