In this horribly disturbing article about a baby dying in an accident involving a Chrysler minivan we do not learn which model years a supposed defect in front passenger seats occurs. The story basically says that when the minivan in question was hit in a rear end collision by a car going 70 mph (yes 70 mph) the front passenger seat "collapsed." Here that means fell backward, I'm assuming, and struck an 8-month old baby (in a car seat?) in the skull killing it. First this is tragic of course. Second juries awarding $100 million in punitive damages to the family is ridiculous. The lawyers take 30% of this and this lawyer specializes in big award cases. What is the family going to do with $70+ million dollars? It doesn't bring the child back. I don't mind a large amount of money going to the family but I'd rather see some action taken against Chrysler for supposedly covering up similar incidents it seems for years. It's also interesting to note that the NHTSA general counsel used to work for Chrysler. That doesn't' sound like conflict of interest at all.

[Via Carpundit]

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