With a career soaked in fires, crashes and controversy, Indianapolis-based NHRA Funny Car driver Whit Bazemore never fails to capture the contention limelight…with or without a car on the track. Last week, he was scolded by the association with a fine of 15 grand for blazing his car through the shutdown area and pits following a first round loss in Pomona on November 14th. Bazemore's Matco Tools Dodge Stratus came unglued from the track after only 60 feet and decided to celebrate the disappointing time by ignoring official direction to reduce speed and park the vehicle. Rounding out the tantrum trifecta with a fork-tongued assault on NHRA Chief Starter Rick Stewart, Bazemore was awarded the prestigious fine wrapped in a two-year probation that would terminate his driving privileges with any further violation. One may be tempted to ask, "Is there something in the water 'round Indy?" But I assure you…ESPN personnel seem very replaceable after a season-closing loss.

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