It was bound to happen and money was on California to be the place. Hyperion, a software company, is offering a $5,000 incentive to its employees to purchase any vehicle that gets 45 mpg in an attempt to help better the environment. The company is offering the incentive to 200 employees a year on a first come first serve basis. Recipients must have a year at Hyperion under their belt as well. While it is a noble goal good luck to the 200 folks trying to get a Toyota Prius, one of only a very few vehicles made that achieves the 45 mpg mark, since the wait list can be quite long. Oh and don't bother looking for a byline on this MSNBC piece that reads like a rehashed press release, you'll find none. Above is a picture of the company's CEO and a gasoline tanker. Crunching the numbers it seems this program will save a double-tanker full of gas every year.

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