Reuters is reporting GM CEO Rick Wagoner believes Saab is an "underperformer" and expects them to use more of the global GM architecture in the future. While adding more vehicles to Saab's line-up isn't news the fact that Wagoner feels so down on the Swedish brand is a bit of a revelation. "And so what we know now is if being effective as a Saab requires that you be designed, engineered and built in Sweden, we know that model doesn't work for us," he said "So we have to come up with a more expansive model." But who is really to blame? Wagoner's comments seem to insinuate that the company has a hands off attitude towards Saab that will soon change. "The idea of them sitting up there doing their own thing isn't going to work. We do need to bring the forces of leverage to support the Saab brand. That's really been the direction we've been on." So who's at fault? Saab or GM?

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