As I settled in to read what I knew would be yet another harrowing column by Paul and Anita Leinert I was not prepared for how awful this week's take on the Ford Five Hundred would be. For some reason Paul equates the car to a boring yet practical suit. Fine. OK. But after the two go back and forth about suit shopping they keep trying to be funny. It reads like a transcript from a bad radio segment. And I won't even go into the fact that Paul thinks spending $500 on a new suit (off the rack no less) is a bargain. Maybe it was my upbringing by a single mother who liked to shop, but I'm pretty sure I can get a designer suit for less than $500. What did they think of the car? Who cares, we now know their shopping habits for clothing. They didn't even mention if the AWD felt grippy or made much difference over the FWD, Paul only says that it was sluggish. Also this rear angle shot here from their piece is the most attractive I've seen on the Five Hundred. Maybe I'm coming around.

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