Bryan Joslin takes VW enthusiasts to task over at VW Vortex for their almost universal slamming of the new Jetta designs released last week. Most of his points are valid. "So the real question is not merely a matter of looks, but whether the new Jetta will remain true to its heritage. Will it continue to be the most affordable German sedan in this market? Yes. Will it offer incredible value compared to other European sedans? Yes. Will it still be fun to drive and at the same time totally practical? By all accounts, yes." Well most affordable, yes. Most incredible value? I'm not too sure. How can Joslin say what the value is without the pricing and without the options available or standard? I'd guess the Audi A3 will be a few thousand more than a comparably equipped Jetta but lots of people see more value in an Audi nameplate than a VW one. But his best point is no one has seen it in 3-D yet and things can look awful different in the light of day. Of course we've seen real images in spy shots and they were as humdrum as they come. I can't wait for the pricing on this vehicle to be released and an all new debate to take place.

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