Computers and gadgets are good, heck they're even fun. But is too much control being given to the gadgets and computers onboard today's cars? The Car Connection has an article that will surely spark emotions and opinions from every car lover: do automobile manufacturers give too much control of the vehicle's functions to computers, while taking it away from the operators of that vehicle? Basically, the author argues that he would rather do things in the car himself; lock the doors, roll up the windows, turn on the lights, rather than have a computer determine what to do. His reasoning seems somewhat questionable though, ie. a person who owns a car with daytime running lights will not learn or simply forget how to turn on the headlights if they have a rental car without. I've met some dumb people, and even dumber drivers, but that's pretty thin. Either way though, it brings forth an interesting thought, are we giving computer too much control over the functions of our cars?

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