Mitsuoka Motors, a Japanese company I had no idea about, has taken some old-style designs and are selling them as new. One even looks like the old Excaliburs from the 80's made out of Mercury Cougars. Aside from some of the odd, but inspired designs the Japanese version of the site has these taglines for each of the cars:

Le-Seyde: We are happy, it's not logic.
Nouera: The concepts of production, to the next stage.
makeup Viewt: To be loved forever. Production of this model would continue.
Ryoga: Not following the life path like other people.
Ray: This kind of beauty is atranscending beauty.

I love when Japanese and English combine, it's a super-happy-time. Mitsuoka Motors is expanding into Korea and also has shown a supercar concept called the Orochi.

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