Sometimes when I get into a test vehicle with low miles, like this under 2000 mile Legacy GT, I'm amazed at the abuse it's taken by other writers. Maybe I'm too new to the game but when I'm testing a vehicle I feel like I'm borrowing it from someone and should treat it like I'd treat my own car. That doesn't mean in a week I'm going to wash it or anything, but I clean out the trash before it's picked up etc.

Well the Legacy has already gotten a large pen mark on the driver's side door. I'm sure that was just an accident by a journalist taking notes. But the driver's seat is also damaged.

The plastic casing around the bottom has popped off. It is easily popped back into place but it pops back out routinely now. I?m not sure if this speaks to the build quality of the Subaru or the destruction that can be laid on it by other journalists.

Legacy Broken SeatDamage aside, the interior of the Legacy GT Limited is quite pleasant. I?d rank it very close to the Accord but maybe a step below the Acura TSX, probably its main competitors. There are innovative aspects like the armrest that elevates for more comfort and overall the leather and materials are very nice to the touch.

Legacy Armrest

The stereo is excellent. However, bass sounds very artificial and has a strange resonance through the front seats. You feel it in your back while seated. I?d guess that?s because the rear speakers are in the doors and not behind the rear seats. I believe that the latter setup is always more beneficial for car acoustics since the driver spends the majority of the time in the car, not rear passengers. The six-disc changer loads quickly and offers a midrange audio control that I always like. A very easy layout is also nice. I love being able to use controls without having to look at the owner?s manual.

My main beef with the car, besides the ugly taillights, is the fact that the rear seats don?t fold flat. Doesn?t every car have this feature by now? What good does the pass through in the armrest do besides making skis fit? It?s especially egregious since there are now speakers to get in the way back there. Heck you could almost make the thing a hatchback like the Mazda6 and add a huge amount of utility here. I guess that would take might take away from Outback sales but that?s doubtful. The trunk is plenty large for just a trunk but you can always use fold flat seats.

I?d also like to see automatic windows up and down for both front windows and not just down for the driver?s side. This is another ?must? in a car like this. But the few annoyances aren?t enough to detract from the overall quiet cabin and exhilarating driving feel.

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