Whether you love him or not, you have to admit that Howard Stern is a media genius. Stern is set to move to Sirius satellite radio in January 2006, but is starting the push now. Since he has been reprimanded for running an infomercial for Sirius on his morning radio show for Viacom, he decided to take his word to the streets, and David Letterman. On Thursday afternoon, over 10,000 people showed up for a rally in Union Square, NY for Stern to pass out 500 Sirius boom boxes and 20,000 certificates for a free Sirius tuner. Don't think that's genius enough? The catch for the free tuner is that you have to sign up for Sirius online before November 24th and prepay a year subscription, 13 months before Stern is to hit their airwaves. XM needs to look behind them and see how many new subscribers pop up in the final quarter for Sirius this year. And a Baba-boey to y'all.

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