The sky was grey and rain started to drizzle down as the Atlantic Blue Subaru Legacy GT pulled up and the Mustang GT departed. I figured it was appropriate that I get the AWD sedan just in time for some dreary weather. After all this is Subaru's bread and butter even if this new model is an attempt at moving upmarket to the entry-level luxury sedan.

Unfortunately as the rain came down harder our lot was full so I had to resort to parking the Subaru on a nearby street. I found a spot just big enough on one side of a fire hydrant yellow curb. I squeezed in with only six inches hanging over the yellow. However, I was kissing the bumper of a black Dodge Durango behind me. I checked out his situation and he had plenty of room to get out behind him so I went back to work.

Spit on a SubieWhen I returned to the car I found a giant loogie (sp?) on the driver?s side window. This was also the side that the sidewalk was on so a passing car could not have been responsible for it. I?m guessing the Durango owner left it as a thank you for parking so close. At first I was angry but I must say this is an excellent way to show your displeasure, and definitely much better than keying a car for example. It doesn?t leave any permanent damage and is a strong statement of your displeasure for another motorists poor parking.

Oh am I supposed to be writing about the car? Besides the interior being somewhat ruffled for having only 2,000 miles on it I?m impressed. This is actually the same vehicle I drove at the rally a few weeks ago so I?m somewhat familiar with it already. The same attributes I looked favorably on then remain. The leather is of high quality and has that new luxury Japanese car smell. A Momo steering wheel and STi pedals add some rally goodness and there is plenty of sweet turbo power underneath the small hoodscoop. The color could be better and I think in black this would be a sexier looking ride.

After driving the new Mustang for a week I?m glad I moved to something reasonably sporty afterwards. I?m getting into a Suzuki Reno next week, and as good as the economy car might be, my withdrawal would be much worse if I was driving that right after the Mustang. At least now I?m looking forward to a rainy weekend.

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