The Detroit News completed a quick road test of the new Honda Accord Hybrid and was a little disappointed. First, the review feeds into my view of hybrids right now: People buy the Prius in droves because others KNOW that they are driving the newest trend, a hybrid. Sales of the hybrid Civic have been slower. Only well versed auto buffs or those with good eyes will notice the larger grill bar and "hybrid" plate on the rear. This reviewer says that it is "kind of disappointing" that others won't know you're driving a hybrid. That's stupid in my opinion.

"I only want better gas mileage if everyone else knows I am saving the world." (my quote) Please.

And the gas mileage… well this reviewer had only a little time in the car, but in stop and go traffic and a little highway time he returned between 16.1 and 21.8 mpg. EPA estimates 30/37. Honda told him he was too lead-footed. Ugh. 

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