As Russian announces plans to build advanced nuclear missiles Ford announces plans to build the all-new European Focus in a soon to be upgraded plant near St. Petersburg. Ford is putting $50 million into the plant itself and is banking on the new Focus for major sales. Production begins in May with dealers receiving vehicles in time for summer. A fact I was unaware of is the current focus is the best selling foreign car in Russia. Not one to be left behind GM is getting in on the act with a Chevy Viva based on the Opel Astra. Why would this fact be mentioned in a Ford press release? Read this quote from Henrik Nenzen, president of Ford of Russia. "When Ford seriously entered the Russian market, it took a very different path from GM. GM, like most other international companies operating in Russia, joined with existing Russian companies. Ford was the first to build its own plant and that has given us a competitive advantage." You thought they were playing nice.

Side note: Usually press releases don't have authors. This one is attributed to Mike Thomas. There is no relation although I do have an uncle named Michael I haven't talked to in a while. But I'm pretty sure he's not writing press releases for Ford.

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