The Chicago Sun-Times is continuing their investigation into city towing and who benefits from cars that are auctioned off as abandoned. A stolen Land Rover was recovered by police on the South Side and never claimed by its owner. The city sold the Land Rover to a towing firm that has a number of contracts with the city for $49.60. This was in 2001, it was a 1998 Land Rover with 60,000 miles. One month later the towing company auctioned it off for $6,000. Seven months later an employee of the towing company bought the SUV from the winning bidder. Under a new policy that took effect "within the week" employees of said towing company can no longer buy cars that have been towed or auctioned off by the company. The kicker is the towing company actually charged the city $95 to tow the Land Rover originally. Minus the $49.60 for the car city taxpayers lost $45.40 on the deal.

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