viperIt's completely redesigned. It hit the magical "triple-five hundreds"; 500 horsepower, 525 lbs-ft or torque and a 505 c.i. V-10 monster. It has a functional convertible top this year. It has a $85,295 price tag.

The Corner Avenue plant that builds the Viper is closed this week due to slow sales. As of November 1, there is a 200-day supply of Vipers. The plant was also down on the week ending Oct.1 for the same high-inventory problem. That was the first time that the plant had been closed since the plant opened in 1995.

So what's the problem? Price too high? Has the Viper strayed from the no-compromise open-air roadster it was? Does it need to stray farther to be more "all-around" car? Does it need the coupe right now? Help me figure this out with your opinions.

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