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Finally, a car that can get tree-huggers and gear-heads excited, the BMW H2R. More news comes to us about the vehcile that was the first hydrogen-powered speed record holder for passenger cars. It succeeded in setting nine records including a record of 302.475 km/h (187.9 mph) over a flying kilometer. To maintain the "driving pleasure" BMW selected a big 6.0 litre V12, running strictly on hydrogen cooled to -423.4 degrees Farenheit, producing 282 hp (which is down from the 438 hp the engine produces when running on gasoline) to power the H2R. While not exactly a typical passenger car, the H2R does share some underpinnings with the Z8, as well as the six-speed manual gearbox from the 635Ci. The H2R weighs in at a healthy 3440 pounds, but sports a stealthy 0.21 drag coefficient thanks to carbon fibre body panels designed by American Michael Scully. While we're still not there with alternative/clean energy cars, something that can get both sides of the spectrum excited can only help in the long run.

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