Oh man I wish we had a photo of Tonya Butts. The single mother of three went three years without registering a Lincoln Navigator she is loaned by her Maryland residing brother in South Carolina where she now resides. Hilariously Butts' elderly neighbors repeatedly reported the violation. The fact that someone has the time on their hands to report such a benign infringement so pissed off Butts that she had a screaming match with the supervisor of the county's Out-of-State and Expired Tag Department. You need a special department for this? After the obscenity filled phone call a warrant was issued for Butts' arrest. In the end she was only fined $500. I'm sure the folks of South Carolina love this woman who sends her kids to school in the state and owns a condo there but is a resident of Maryland. Her statement? "I plead no contest because I have three kids and I don't have time to go through with [a jury trial]," Butts said. "My kids like it here, but I don't even want to be here [in South Carolina]. ... I don't agree with any of the laws around here." Autoblog's advice…MOVE! If you lived in Maryland you'd still have to pay for tags every year. What state doesn't make you pay a registration fee every year?

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