My final days in the RSX were spent like the first few; routine driving to and from work, a few errands around town and that was about it. But days like these are when buyers will appreciate the RSX's smooth ride and comfortable cabin. Not everyday is spent whipping around curvy hillside roads you know.

And if for some reason you have a commute like that, the RSX Type-S will still provide plenty of performance for the dollar. What you don?t get is an over the top, completely tuned semi-rally car. That is just not what Acura is attempting. If you want something like that move up to the base Subaru WRX. The RSX on the other hand doesn?t jolt the spine over bumps, cancels a lot of road noise and you still get to hear the engine rev proudly and the exhaust snort with authority. Of course there?s no Knight Rider like boost of turbo either, but the car can still move through traffic like the knife it resembles.

RSX Door SmallAs for the other coupe?s I?ve driven recently there?s no question which one I?d want to live with for an extended period of time. It is an Acura and that extra dough you spend on a monthly payment is worth the comforts as long as you can afford it. The question really is if you?re going to spend $23,000 on a car is the RSX Type-S the best you can get for your money? Among the import crowd devoid of coupes in this range with these amenities it is the only car you can get for this money. The outgoing Mitsubishi Eclipse and Toyota Celica wouldn?t offer much competition and a new round of coupes like the Cobalt SS and supercharged Scion tC might eventually try to unseat the RSX. But in Type-S trim it stands alone for now.

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