When the car you're talking about has such a rabid following and no future plans have been confirmed, rumors tend to run wild. And sometimes those rumors come from good sources and contain more truth than fiction. We ran a story here last month about the future history of the next gen Camaro, and things may have changed since then. When Holden introduced the Torana concept on a heavily modified Kappa platform (Solstice) they created an unofficial new architecture called "Beta" and herein lies the question.

All bets were on for the next Camaro to arrive on the Zeta architecture which will be used to underpin GM?s new crop of RWD sedans and coupes. Problem is, the Zeta platform is proving too large to host a proper Camaro replacement, and therefore the RWD Chevy coupe may live on under another ?retro? name. All this leads us back to this Beta structure and how feasible it would be to squeeze a V-8 under its hood and give us Americans the good ol? fashioned pony car wars back.


Word is that some GM people high up are in favor of the Beta-based Camaro and some sites have talked about the prospect. CamaroZ28.com has some good discussion on the platform as well CheersandGears.com, which has a very good technical story on the Torana platform. Again, this is all speculation, but from very good sources.

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