In the fall issue of Celebrity Car Magazine there are some terrific vehicles highlighted, including Lavar Arrington's black GTO, Patrick Dempsey's classic Porsche and new Panoz and Shaq in some outrageous vehicles just for him including a Rolls Royce Phantom on 24s. Sigh. Of course most guys probably vote for Courtney Hansen just chilling in some Overhaulin' rides. I'd say Dempsey has the best taste. Although we're comparing everyone to folks like R&B singer Damon Thomas (no relation) and his over the top Ferrari. I can't believe he says these words, "We did a lot of good stuff to make it a lot sexier and flashier than it was." If you're insecure behind the wheel of a Ferrari you've got major issues. Click below for more pics.

Dempsey's Panoz

Shaq's <a class=Phantom" hspace="0" src="" width="425" align="top" vspace="4" border="1" />

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