Since last week's feature was so well received I figured we'd keep things magazine related. Yesterday, I received the new issue of Automobile Magazine. For those that haven't seen it yet the issue launches the latest refreshening of the periodical. I knew when I looked at the cover something was different. It was really unattractive. The billboard style moniker makes the magazine look amateurish and the cover image is horrible. Luckily the job the team has done on the inside is phenomenal. The new font used for each section is very cool, hip yet retro too. Photo layout is also much improved and more stylish. Feature stories are treated to gorgeous photographs, classy text and improved pullout boxes for stats etc. But by far the biggest change is the movement of the columns by David E. Davis, Robert Cumberford and the rest to the back of book and the Driven section to the front. This is huge and makes the newsworthy bits much more accessible to the reader. Although I'm guessing we'll still get the editor's note/Vile Gossip by Jean Jennings in the front. We can't have everything I guess. What do Autoblog/Automobile readers think?

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