<a class=RSX Type S" hspace="4" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/5449124034512102.JPG?0.870229963562516" width="250" align="right" vspace="4" border="1" />The Acura RSX has a different feel to it then most coupes I've driven lately. It's that Acura air of pseudo-luxury that turns a $23,570 coupe into a much finer machine. That price tag is a bit higher than the standard RSX because we're behind the wheel of the 2005 Type-S, a model that features a 210-horsepower i-VTEC engine. For some reason the I-VTEC feels much faster, with only five more horsepower, than the Saturn Ion Red Line I just got out of.

The performance features are nice and we?ll delve into them later in the week. But the nice thing about buying an Acura sports coupe is the nice leather interior and high quality finishes. Sure the RSX is starting to age a bit, but there?s nothing wrong with the original style that still seems modern.

RSX StackAnother aspect that has to be addressed, even though some will say it?s superficial, is the cachet with driving an Acura. If you want a sporty car and want more respect or feel a bit too old to be driving a vehicle with a big hood scoop or spoiler, than the RSX certainly fits the bill. My fianc?e who is rarely impressed by anything I bring home, no matter the horsepower rating, instantly remarked, ?I like this one.?

And with the Milano Red exterior, Titanium Leather, 6-disc CD changer, sunroof, heated side-view mirrors and more included in the sticker price, this particular package is easy to like.

Please take note that I?ll run original exterior images with the next post. On top of my recent computer issues I had a digital camera problem today too.

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