Let this be a lesson to you - it always pays to wait. For those of you who shelled out the dough for the garden variety GTO, this is your cue to slam your fist on your keyboard in disgust. The Ram Air 6 Concept introduced this week at SEMA is what the GTO should have been. Where the standard Goat (dare I use the moniker? )  looked like a mildly worked over grand-am with two doors, the Ram Air 6 has the subtlety of Pee Wee Herman on Ritalin. Functional scoops, lids, lips, gobs of carbon fiber, and deep dish billet wheels aside,  this GTO packs the heat to back up the bling. A 6.4L LS2/LS7 frankenmotor partsbin special puts out 575 horsepower and 500 lb/ft of torque - enough to propel all 3900 lbs of goatiness to 60 in under four and a half seconds. 

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