The 2005 Mustang is the "official" car of the 2005 SEMA show, and that is obvious by the amount of tuned pony cars that are on display. We hope to have higher-res pics when Ford releases them, but right now, here's the info that we have:

3dCarbon "Boy Racer" 

With it's over the top wing and tire-hugging body kit the "Boy Racer" kit just ain't my cup of tea, but the 500hp Wipple supercharged 4.6 under the hood is. Parts will be sold via Ford Racing Performance Parts.



Known as ?The Black Rose?, this Mustang incarnation forgoes the ?racer? looks and sticks with more of a nostalgic feel. Most of the work that bonspeed performed is underneath with suspension pieces from Koni, Eibach and Hotchiks and new Baer brakes. This ?Stang also has 20 inch rims forged by bonspeed.

stang_cdcClassic Design Concepts ?Glassback?

It gets its name from a custom designed glass-roof panel (that you can?t see from the pic provided from Ford). This concept pulls more from Mustang?s heritage than today?s trends. Hood scoop, chin and rear spoiler, and c-pillar scoops fill out the look. One cool item that all us old Mustang/Cougar fans will love ? sequential taillights.

stang_roushRoush Performance 

With a year before the SVT Cobra, it seems that Roush has filled the spot. Fitted with the 3-valve supercharger, I?m assuming this one would be considered a ?Stage 3? Mustang.  This sucker looks mean and is probably more comfortable on the track that it is on the street.

stang_steedaSteeda Autosports

Steeda calls this monster ?The Screamin? Yellow Q?, and it has almost every kind of normally-aspirated performance mod you could want, engine and suspension; headers, exhaust, springs, camber adjusters, control arms, etc, etc.

There are more Mustangs, but these are the only ones Ford supplied with pictures. When more stories and pics pop up, we?ll add ?em.

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