AutoWeek's Jason Stein reports that GM CEO Rick Wagoner is planning to move the struggling Saturn brand upscale to compete with the Volkswagens and Hondas of the world. So much material to choose from here, where to start? First, how do you move upscale when you can't compete at the level you're already on? Second, VW isn't doing so hot trying to move farther upscale than where it already was. Third, you're never going to beat Honda at its own game unless your name starts with T and ends in oyota. More scariness "Saturn will unveil its new look in January at the Detroit auto show, where it will introduce a rear-wheel-drive roadster and a front-wheel-drive, mid-sized sedan concept." These better outmatch the horrendous Curve concept they showed last year or Wagoner's plan will be off to a rocky start.

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