The good things about the Ion Red Line are measured in engenuity and comfort. By far the best features are the quad-doors found on any Ion coupe. I know it's not the newest thing out there but for people that want some kind of convenience with a coupe body it is very cool. You just can't beat them.

Ion Seats

The other big plus for the Ion are the Recaro seats. These are top-of-the-line, leather trimmed, ass and love-handle holding seats. Plus they have tremendous back support that is a big factor for me when I test cars. I sit at a computer all day long and my back is so out of whack that when I drive I want something that straightens me out. The Recaros do just that. One co-worker even said on first seeing the car ?Oooh let me sit in those seats.?

Now as to previous comments about it being a rattling econobox I wouldn?t say it rattles per se. The squeak is still there but it?s less noticeable. But it is probably a squeak that can?t be fixed by a trip to the dealer, where as the much louder sunroof noise on the Scion tC could. The rest of the car feels very solid, the interior is of a nice quality, better than the Dodge SRT-4s, and I like the stereo?s sound and button placement and textures. The engine does make a lot of noise and intrudes in the cabin but that?s not a good thing for this performance coupe.

Ion EngineIt just doesn?t sound that powerful, unlike the snarling beast noise of the SRT-4. I?m also totally shocked at how bland the engine bay is. Saturn you?re trying to sell this to tuners and not only are the engine block and supercharger bare of any color, there?s absolutely no badging here for the Red Line or Saturn! Also the engine bay looks really empty. I wonder what other goodies you could fit in here.

I?m still waiting to really open the car up over the weekend and will report back on some hard driving in the next few days. For Day 1 go here.

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