Motor Trenc Cover

Every Friday we try and come up with a brain teasing Ask Autoblog to get people using their noggins on the last day of the work week. Plus we know you're not thinking about TPS reports. So tell us this: What is your favorite auto mag and why? Personally I only subscribe to Motor Trend now. It's the only one of the big boys that does a good job with the mix of editorial content and at the same time  isn't A: drooling over exotics 9-5 or B: covering the race scene ad nauseam. Racing coverage is cool but even though I realize Road & Track and Car & Driver are about racing too, that topic just doesn't thrill me the way they present it. It seems like the same story every month. And Automobile: do we really need to know what car the editor got for her birthday? Although I think Automobile probably has the best design and some very good young writers it has turned me off by taking too high and mighty a tone. So my pick is Motor Trend with an eye on the new guy MPH. Still waiting on issue #2 of MPH to make up my mind on that one. Or if it gets to issue #3.

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