Every Tuesday, we'll try to feature something interesting from the fringes of automotivedom - the aftermarket, or tuner market.  This folks, is a segment that generates billions in revenue each year.

Nissan's 3.5 liter VQ35DE has been winning awards since its introduction just two years ago.  Producing 287 effortless horsepower in the 350Z, the high compression normally aspirated motor is ideal for situations when instanteneous torque is needed. 

Enter Chris Forsberg and the Motorex 350Z.  Used solely for drifting, all the extra displacment in Nissan's v6 was useful in getting the tail out and the car sideways.  When the stock motor bit the big one, Forsberg decided to make Mr K. roll in his grave (what? Mr K? He's still alive? )  by yanking the bigger powerplant in favor of an SR20DET - the popular 2.0 liter inline 4 found in the Japanese Silvia.  Unorthodox to be sure, but its hard to argue with results - in this case 400 hp to the rear wheels and a reduction of 200-300 pounds that could mean the difference between a glorious well executed powerslide or imminent fiery death by plowing sideways into a concrete wall.

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