Autoweek may have beat them to the proverbial punch, but where the folks at Automobile lack in promptness, they make up for in details.  Yes they have all the important details that you have been bombarded with ad nauseum - the ability to toggle between 400 and 500 ponies at the push of a button, the 7 speed SMG sequential tranny, and the myriad of other electronic gizmos that will no doubt cost you lots of money when it comes time to troubleshoot them.  However, they also give you the specifics on what you need to do to get your business done.  Want to turn on the automatic launch control for the occasional impromptu stoplight confrontation?  Right after you ask the nice gentleman in the corvette next to you to chill for a sec, you then proceed to 1) select S for sequential, 2) dial in the fastest of six shift speeds (which range from "shhh the kids are sleeping" to "help I'm being chased by zombified nuns"), 3)deactivate stability control, 4) push and hold the shift lever forward, 5) bring your revs up to about four grand, 6) release the shift lever, and 7) hang on for dear life. Want the ideal settings for performance and drivability? The Automobile staff settled on having the engine in the 500hp mode, EDC in normal, DSC in dynamic mode, and shift speed in the second fastest setting.  Hope they remembered to hit "save" before shutting off the car.

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