That fun loving group called The Department of Homeland Security has sent a mobile X-ray truck to Cape May, New Jersey in an "experimental" program to invade…I mean to look into the empty cars of drivers waiting to board a ferry to Delaware.

This latest transformation of the country into a paranoid state (why aren?t they X-raying cargo containers?) is due to the fact that even though law enforcement can?t use a similar device on our homes without a search warrant, the United States Supreme Court ruled in 2001 that ??Obviously in border searches the government is given a much broader leeway than elsewhere.? Quick question?what border exists between New Jersey and Delaware that needs protecting? And why are they screening cars leaving New York instead of entering it?

As of now the scanning is voluntary since this is still an experiment. So the government will surely catch those terrorists that allow them to search their vehicles. The deputy director of the Transportation Security Administration said a decision for making the inspections compulsory hasn?t been made, yet. But added that the new device could be used to scan cars in any setting. Like toll booths, drive thru windows?oh sorry I?m getting paranoid now. Interestingly enough the device only costs $600. So at least we know the government isn?t wasting billions of tax dollars on this. But the least they could do is set a few of these $600 jobs up at our ports where thousands of containers come in from foreign countries every day.

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