Renault's Clio series has always been a line that inspires severe "why can't we get those here" lamentations, at least from me. The 182 Cup is a stripped version of the regular 182, meaning it has been lightened slightly, firmed up with a tight suspension, and relieved of most unnecessary creature comforts. A 180-hp 2.0 liter four-banger takes the 182 Cup to 62 mph in 6.9 seconds, meaning it probably gets to that American benchmark in roughly 6.799045 ticks. The high point of the 182 Cup is the sheer joy it provides when roads curve and twist. The low point is a cheap, dated interior. Fortunately the price is right, so come on down: £13,800, which is almost £1300 less than a regular Clio 182 with the optional sport package, and about £5000 short of Mini's Cooper S Works.

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