I've found it enlightening to read the analysis from Business Week on the automotive industry. They obviously focus more on the bottom line than the product line but it is still an interesting read. This week David Welch takes on a floundering GM. Like Ford, GM is waiting on a long list of new models to boost sales. It's interesting how dire Business Week's predictions are. I will say the G6, as I've driven it, is excellent and if Pontiac revamps its entire line-up in that image (cheaper American version of Acura) they will succeed. The C6 Corvette is basically sold out for the entire first year. The big risks in my eyes are the Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac GTO. The GTO should be shelved after it's third year. Announce it now. Announce that it is a limited run, that there will be a small number of Judges etc. and people will buy them for that reason, only! Then announce the Camaro will come back the year after that. Ahhh that feels better. If the Cobalt fails as being a true competitor to cars like the Mazda 3 then Chevy's in trouble. It has been under wraps for awhile but I saw early pre-production Cobalt and Cobalt SS and the interiors looked really nice. The design was impressive, especially the rear taillights on the SS. It's all going to come down to performance and price though.

GM can make good cars. There is no doubt about that. It's just the decision making process that prevents me from betting on their success the next two years. Oh and dump Saturn & Hummer while you're at it.

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