Much of this unspirited back-and-forth between two AW editors concerns Audi's sequential manual gearshifting device, which employs a twin-clutch to wrangle the rpms and dole out perfect throttle blips. You can break off shifts in a more efficient manner than a true manual, and breeze through low-speed maneuvers without worrying about that pesky friction point. The DSG in the TT is apparently better than BMW's SMG, and various settings tailor shifting to the conditions. It's no surprise that the interior quality and layout is praised, although one editor thinks the car feels dated and rickety over flawed pavement due to chassis flex. And speaking of flexing, you'll be exercising your wallet muscles extensively when you shell out for this TT, which, when loaded to the gills as tested, knocks on the $50K door and says, "Yo, let me in."

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